About Organizer

COMPLAST VIETNAM Organised by Smart Expos & Fairs (India) Pvt. Ltd. (SEFIPL)

SMART EXPOS & FAIRS has vast experience in handling domestic and International Exhibitions. The prime focus of Smart Expos Fairs is to facilitate business convergence for categories such as plastics, rubber, packaging, and manufacturing, which are among the fastest growing economies in the world. SEFIPL organizes professional trade shows in the field of Plastics, Rubber and Manufacturing especially in developing countries like India, Sri Lanka, East Africa, Myanmar and now in Vietnam. SEFIPL members have vast experience in Marketing and in the field of Plastics and Packaging.

Co - Organizer

COMPLAST VIETNAM Co-Organised by Vietnam Plastics Association (VPA)

VPA founded in 1990, is a voluntary and non-governmental organization of enterprises and research institutes in the plastics and rubber industries. VPA dedicates its efforts to strengthen the competitiveness of the industry in Vietnam and to secure its prominent role in the regional and global arena. VPA’s membership includes more than 400 members, most of them are private and joint stock companies in total nearly 2,000 plastics companies in the country. VPA’s members manufacture and supply to the market various kinds of products including construction, consumer, packaging engineering products, moulds etc.

Supported by

The Ministry of Industry and Trade, The Vietnam Plastic Association Magazine (NHUA), The Plastics Export Promotion Council (PLEXCOUNCIL)

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UniMachines, Dubai Exporters, Polymer Bazar